FY14 Goals

  • GOAL 1: Develop a performance based budget which contains quantifiable performance measures and concise statements of services. This includes reviews with departments to develop new performance measures and goals, as well as tables and charts to reflect work measures. In addition, the Budget Office conducts several meetings/reviews per department while developing the annual budget.

  • GOAL 2: Maintain the City's long-term financial viability by forecasting the City's funding sources; create successful strategies for capital acquisitions; monitor revenue and expenditures for operating, project grant and capital budgets; identify potential financial problems; research operational issues for resolution or improvement; and share best practices.

  • GOAL 3: Provide training for City departments and individual employees on inquiry and reporting functions of PeopleSoft Financial System, in order to enhance the capacity of departments to manage their budgets.

  • GOAL 4: Provide information about the Budget Division's operations, policies, procedures and publications online.

  • GOAL 5: Organize Fiscal Staff Working Group Meetings to enhance communication between the Finance Department and other City departments concerning financial policies and opportunities for collaboration.

  • GOAL 6: Collaborate with the Auditing, IT, Purchasing and Finance divisions on an efficient and timely upgrade of the PeopleSoft Financial System.