Special Units


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 The following are pictures and info on various specialty apparatus within the Department. 

 spare engine 10

Engine 10

1995 Pierce Saber - 1250 gpm pump - 500 gallon water tank (former Engine 4)



 spare engine 11

Engine 11

1991 Pierce Lance Pump - 1250 gpm pump - 500 gallon water tank (former Engine 5) 



 Cambridge L5

 Photo by Tara Bithia

 Ladder 5

1989 Maxim Motors - 100 foot aerial device (former Ladder 3 and Ladder 4)




CFD Recovery Bus/Command Post


recovery bus operations bus

CFD Recovery Bus/Command Post

Photo by Gabriel Sanchez



 cambridge hazmat 1

Photo by J. Parise and D. Boudrow

HazMat 1

1994 Ford 3D Rescue HazMat




decon trailer

Decon Trailer 




lighting plant

Photo by J. Parise and D. Boudrow

Lighting Plant 1

1986 International Saulsbury (former E5's Wagon)




lighting plant 2 

Photo by D. Boudrow and J. Parise

Lighting Plant 2

 1996 Ford E-350/McCoy Miller



ATV vehicle





golf cart

Golf cart

One of 3




Cambridge M1

Photo by Tara Bathia

Motor Squad 1 

1987 Ford F-350/XL - Lacey body - diesel - 4WD




Motor Squad 2

2002 Freightliner Sprinter / American LaFrance (former Professional Ambulance vehicle)





Motor Squad 3

 1999 Ford F-350 Utility