Chief of Department, Gerald R. Reardon, 617-349-4900, email

Assistant Chief, Paul Sheehan, 617-349-4976, email; Responsible for: Technical Services Division, Fire Prevention Division, Training Division, Fire Investigation Unit, Administrative Services

Assistant Chief, Gerard E. Mahoney, 617-349-4970, email; Responsible for: Firefighting Divisions 1 & 2, EPAC Office, Personnel Matters, Emergency Management, Media Relations/Public Information

Fire Investigations Unit, Deputy Chief Thomas F. Cahill, 617-349-4916, email 

Fire Prevention Bureau, Deputy Chief Peter A. Donovan, 617-349-4967, email 

E.P.A.C.(Emergency Preparedness and Coordination), Deputy Chief Brian J. Gover, 617-349-4944, email 

Technical Services Division, Assistant Chief Paul Sheehan, 617-349-4920, email

Training Division, Deputy Chief Robert E. Rossi, 617-349-4941, email 

Administrative Services, Ms. Melinda Camara, 617-349-4924, email