Dive Rescue Team

The team is made up of 20 divers from all 4 groups, including Fire Prevention and Tech Services. There are divers on duty 24/7 for rapid deployment. We have agreements with Massport Fire, Boston Fire, and Saugus Fire to assist with water rescues. The team has also worked with Watertown Fire, Somerville Fire, Revere Fire, and Medford Fire. The team can respond to any community with our personnel and equipment, including our own boat, which we tow with the dive truck. The team can operate at extended incidents by refilling SCUBA tanks from the air supply truck and calling in off-duty divers for relief.


Rescue 3 is the Dive Rescue Team's truck, a 1995 Freightliner medium duty ambulance which was originally in service as Rescue 1.


Rescue 3, dive teams vehicle