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  • Sunday

    August 18

    • Telling Your Natural Story - A Storytelling Workshop

      Walter J. Sullivan Water Treatment Facility, 250 Fresh Pond Pkwy., Cambridge, MA 02138

      Love storytelling? Love Fresh Pond? Want to create and share your stories about how the world of trees, bees and waterfowl pleases you? Come take a short walk with Ranger Jean to learn the stories of nature at Fresh Pond and then, over tea and cookies, storyteller Amy Tighe will show you how to create and share your own stories. A Water Department and Friends of Fresh Pond Reservation workshop - FREE! Please register with Ranger Jean at

  • Monday

    August 19

    • Container Gardening Workshop for Seniors

      Citywide Senior Center, 806 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139

      Come join our container gardening workshop where you will be introduced to techniques for growing on raised bed gardens and other small spaces.

    • Public Information Forum: For-Hire Vehicle Regulations

      831 Mass. Ave, Basement Conference Room, Basement, 831 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139

      The License Commission is in the process of revising the for-hire vehicle regulations, currently applicable to livery and limousine licensees in the City of Cambridge. To aid us in this process, we have scheduled two public information forums to accept comments from interested parties, the industry and other identified stakeholders regarding specific areas of interest. This is the first of two forums. For additional information regarding the nature and scope of the forum, please see:

    • Learn to Cope Support Group

      Spauling Hospital, 1575 Cambridge Street (Use Main Entrance)

      A group for parents, family members, spouses and caregivers with a family member who is addicted to opiates, alcohol, or other drugs.

  • Tuesday

    August 20

    • Urban Cycling Basics

      Police Station, First Floor Conference Room, 125 Sixth St., Cambridge, MA 02142

      Our bicycle commuter workshops are great for businesses, communities, universities, or bike groups looking to promote healthy transportation options. The workshop is designed for people who know how to ride a bike, but would like to start using their bikes to ride to work, school, or clubs. Attendees receive safety hand outs, and the instructor will have materials on hand to demonstrate principles, as well as to answer any questions attendees may have. - See more at:

  • Wednesday

    August 21

    • Election Commission

      Citywide Senior Center, 806 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139

      Regular Meeting

  • Thursday

    August 22

    • Senior Center Ice Cream Social

      Citywide Senior Center, 806 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139

      Seniors, come and socialize with friends and meet new ones while enjoying an all time favorite at our annual Summertime Ice Cream Social.

    • Tree Hearing

      Department of Public Works, Main Conference Room, 147 Hampshire St., Cambridge, MA 02139

      NOTICE OF A PUBLIC HEARING Removal of Public Shade Trees City of Cambridge, Department of Public Works Pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 87, Sections 3 and 4, a public hearing will be held on Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 at 5:30 pm at 147 Hampshire St, Cambridge, Mass., to consider the removal of the following public tree(s): 1. Ames St (in median at Broadway) – Removal of 4 crabapples (7.8”, 8.8”, 7.4”, and 7.5”) due to structural issues and streetscape improvements. 2. Ames St (in median at Main St.) – Removal of 3 crabapples (7”, 7.9”, and 9”) due to structural issues and streetscape improvements. 3. 1 Longfellow Road – Removal of 4.5" pear due to structural issues and wounded leader. Location will be replanted. 4. 8 Longfellow Road – Removal of 17.8" Norway maple due to storm damage and structural issues. Location will be replanted. 5. 12 Longfellow Road – Removal of 22.5" Norway maple due to cavities and structural issues. Location will be replanted. 6. 16 Woodbridge St – Removal of 12.3” Norway maple due to structural issues and curb cut application. 7. 55 Belmont St (on Norman St) – Removal of 18.5” Norway maple due to canopy dieback and structural issues. Location will be replanted. 8. 22 Sixth St – Removal of 19.3” Norway maple due to structural issues. Location will be replanted. The tree(s) identified above have been posted for public inspection. Any objections to their removal must be submitted in writing to the City Arborist, prior to or during the hearing. The mailing address for the City Arborist is Department of Public Works, City of Cambridge, 147 Hampshire Street, Cambridge, MA 02139; phone: 617-349-6433 email:

    • Pedestrian Committee

      City Hall Annex, 4th Floor Conference Room, 344 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139

      Regular meeting of the Pedestrian Committee.

August 2013
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