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The Emerald ash borer (EAB) was recently found in North Andover, Massachusetts, less than 30 miles from the City of Cambridge. Experts in the field of arboriculture believe that EAB could arrive in the City of Cambridge any time now, and in fact, it may already be present. EAB is a particular concern because of the speed at which it kills Ash trees, generally within 1-3 years. As a species, standing dead ash present high risk to public safety due to how quickly branches will fail. As of March 3, 2014, there are currently 883 City-maintained ash trees, representing 4.6% of overall City maintained canopy. The Department of Public Works has been following the issue for some time. The good news is that healthy Ash trees can be protected from EAB through proactive treatment.

The City arborist will be available at the main entrance inside of the Main branch of the Cambridge Public Library to answer any questions about EAB. To learn more about EAB, please visit DPW's website.

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