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GreenSense Launches a new sustainable transportation campaign

GreenSense is the City of Cambridge employee program aimed at reducing our environmental impact on our community.


Thank you for your participation in the Paper Reduction Campaign through our GreenSense program! We did such a great job with that campaign, reducing paper use by 8%, that we know the next one is going to be even better.

Reduce your paper trail

Throughout April-June 2014 the City of Cambridge aims to decrease the environmental impact of our vehicle emissions. To do this, we are going to focus on three things: Ditching the car for mid-day meetings, commuting sustainably, and anti-idling in our municipal vehicles. We have a great line up of events, workshops, and free prizes for you! Each month I will send you an email with the calendar of events. Over the next three months we’ll have opportunities for you to win prizes if you ditch the car or stop idling. We’ll host workshops to help you find a commute that works with your schedule. And during Bay State Bike Week (May 12-16) we’ll even tune-up your bicycle for you – FREE!

Moon and Back

 Click this link to find the April Calendar of Eventsthe first one is April 9 with CDD and the Women’s Commission.

And once again, we are joining the Walk/Ride Day Corporate Challenge! Don’t forget to log your commute on the last Friday of April to earn prizes and help the City of Cambridge beat all of the other Greater Boston employers competing.

So please, before you drive alone to work, get behind the wheel to go to a mid-day meeting, or idle while waiting for somebody, think about the GreenSense campaign and choose to take the sustainable road.

Turn it Off

GreenSense is looking for new Champions! The commitment is pretty light, but makes a major difference. We ask Champions to meet once a campaign, send out email to their departments, post flyers in lunch rooms, and be passionate about reducing our collective environmental footprint. If you are interested in becoming involved in GreenSense, simply email Kelly Dunn at


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