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Fresh Pond Master Plan Advisory Board Meeting


Walter J. Sullivan Water Treatment Facility
250 Fresh Pond Pkwy.
Cambridge, MA 02138

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Chip Norton


Fresh Pond Reservation Master Plan Advisory Board

May 16, 2013 Agenda

Meeting time: 6 PM

Location: Water Treatment Facility 250 Fresh Pond Pkwy

Meeting Chair: Janice Snow

Meeting minutes: TBD


Item 1: Review Agenda

Item 2: Meeting Minutes

            April 18, 2013 Minutes


Item 3: Manager’s Report (C. Norton)


Item 4: Planning for Fresh Pond Day June 8
 Advisory Board sign up


Item 5: Interim Signage Review

Sign Types: Entrance Signs; Area ID Signs; Restoration and Maintenance Signs;
Rules and Regulations;

Sign Locations

Next Signage & Public Information Committee Meeting Date

Relevant Master Plan Sections: IX. A & D; XIII B.

Item 6: Update on Golf Course Landscape (Paul Ryder)

Item 7: Planning Advisory Board Meetings for Sept 2013- June 2014

Setting Dates

Preliminary Agendas

Item 8: Public Comment

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