Pole and Conduit

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM Thursday, May 16, 2013

831 Mass. Ave, Basement Conference Room


Patricia Lewis, plewis@cambridgema.gov, 617-349-6141

A meeting of the Pole and Conduit Commission will be held on

Thursday, May 16, 2013 at 10:00 A.M.

Michael J. Lombardi Building, 831 Massachusetts Avenue

Basement Conference Room

Continued from April 25th P&C meeting.  Comcast and Verizon need to apply and coordinate project.  Nstar Electric and Gas Company, 101 Linwood, Somerville, MA for the following:  Water Street – Northeasterly from MHC 3664 approximately 75’ Northeast of Monsignor O’Brien Hwy – a distance of approximately 36 feet of conduit.  W.O. #01837586.

Continued at the request of the owner.   Nstar Electric and Gas Company, 101 Linwood, Somerville, MA for the following:  Clinton St – Easterly approximately 432 feet southwest from Harvard Street – installing 5 feet of – conduit.  This work is to provide electric service to 14 Clinton St.  W/O #01925634.

New Petition:  Nstar Electric and Gas Company, 101 Linwood, Somerville, MA for the following:  Cambridge Park Dr. – Southerly from MH2235 about 2145 west of Alewife Brook Pkwy – installing approximately 25 feet of – conduit.  This work is necessary to provide electric service to 160 Cambridge Pk. Dr.  W/O #01904154.

New Petition:  Teleport Communications America, LLC,  38 Union Square, Somerville, MA 02143 for the following:  Bent Street – Public Way to install six (6) four-inch PVC conduits from an existing Level (3) manhole on Bent Street to an existing Teleport manhole at the intersection of Bent and 5th Streets; a distance of approx. 85 – feet.  Rogers Street – Private Way to install two (2) to six (6), four-inch PVC conduits and a 12’ X 6’ X 7’ concrete manhole from the public right-of-way of 6th Street the property of 250 Bent Street; a distance of approximately 150-feet.  All work shall be completed in accordance with the specifications set forth by the Cambridge Public Works Department.

Petition on April 25th P&C meeting as an Addendum.  Voted 2-0 to approve.  Placed on May 16th meeting for notice purposes:  Comcast 55 Concord Street, North Reading, MA for the following: 41 Concord Ave., from existing Comcast manhole, trench 14’ in the public way to private property line at 41 Concord Ave., installing 1-4” PVC conduit.  This will include the removal and replacement of 1 sidewalk panel.

New Petition:  President and Fellows of Harvard College, 1350 Mass Ave., Suite 901, Cambridge, MA 02138 for the following:  Two (2) concrete encased duct banks.  One comprised of 8-4 inch conduits and the other comprised of 2-4 inch conduits.  Duct bank and cables to extend from the Harvard University McKinlock Hall located at 8 Mill Street, crossing DeWolfe Street, a distance of approximately 300 feet, 40 feet of which is located within the travel way and sidewalks of DeWolfe Street, and terminating at the northern side of Leverett Tower F and the emergency generator north of Leverett Tower G within the quadrangle located at 40 DeWolfe Street.

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