City of Cambridge New Off Leash Program for Dogs


The City of Cambridge is pleased to announce a new citywide off leash program starting August 1, 2009.  Since 2005, staff from several city departments have been working with a City Council subcommittee and a group of resident dog owners to develop strategies for creating new and/or enhancing existing, off leash opportunities for Cambridge licensed dogs. 

The discussions and public process resulted in this new citywide off leash program, which will feature six locations throughout the city where dogs will have the opportunity to be off leash legally. The program includes two approaches: dedicated off leash areas that are fenced in and intended exclusively for use by off leash dogs and their owners; and shared use off leash areas, which are locations within parks where dogs are allowed off leash, but are not fully fenced or separated from other uses and activities.

There is a dedicated off leash area at Pacific Street Park, between Pacific Street and Tudor Street in Cambridgeport, which will feature new pea stone surfacing.  A new dedicated off leash area  will be available as of August 1, at Danehy Park (New Street) in North Cambridge, and will feature pea stone surfacing, as well as water service for dogs, a separate area for smaller dogs, and benches for owners. There are shared use areas at Fresh Pond Reservation (excluding the mowed grassy areas) on Fresh Pond Parkway in West Cambridge, and also at Fort Washington Park on Waverly Street in Cambridgeport, which is scheduled to reopen (without the temporary fencing that had been installed) in August 2009.


The new citywide off leash program will also feature a one year shared use hours pilot program to provide additional opportunities for dogs to be off leash at specific times.  The two locations for the pilot program are Gold Star Mother’s (Gore Street) Park on Gore Street in East Cambridge and Corcoran (Raymond Street) Park on Raymond Street in Neighborhood Nine.  Off leash hours at these parks will be from 6-9 a.m. At the end of the pilot year, the committee will review and evaluate the program for changes and/or potential for expansion to other locations.

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