1-5 Unit Cambridge Residences to Get Free Recycling Toters from City


Beginning October 25, the Cambridge recycling program will switch to single stream. This means that residents will be able to mix clean papers, bottles, cans and cardboard together in one recycling bin.  The new recycling trucks will accept cardboard of all sizes.  More materials will be accepted including empty pizza boxes and large plastics such as laundry baskets and toys.  The City expects to see an increase in recycling of at least 10% more tons with single stream. 


In early July, the City sent information to Cambridge residents in 1-5 unit buildings with notice that they will receive free recycling toters on wheels in October. Single family homes will receive 1 small toter, 2 family homes will receive 2 small toters and 3-5 unit residences will receive 2 large toters. Currently there 4000+ toters throughout the City at 6+ unit residences and city buildings. 


Toters make recycling easier than ever because they can be rolled to the curb when full and help you recycle more and trash less. The small toter is 65 gallons and measures 44”H x 25”W x 28”D.  The large toter is 95 gallons and measures 45”H x 26”W x 35”D.  A list of what can be recycled will be printed on the new toters. 


Contact DPW at 617.349.4815 or recycle@cambridgema.gov by September 1 if you would like to change your order.  For example, neighbors can share toters, single or two-family homes may want a large toter instead, or multi-family buildings may need more.  If you feel that space for storing toters at your residence may be a problem, contact DPW.  You can continue using blue bins or convert any trash barrel, similar to yard waste program.  Call for a sticker and face sticker to the street when using the barrel for recycling.


Visit www.cambridgema.gov/recycle for more details on the new program.  More information will be sent to residents in the fall. 

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