2010 Citizens Survey Results


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The 2010 Citizens Survey indicated that Cambridge residents continue to be highly satisfied with their city government.  A majority of residents (53%) now express satisfaction with their interactions with municipal government—the highest level since we began conducting the biannual survey in 2000. Moreover, two-thirds of citizens (67%) give the highest ratings to the overall performance of city government—a full 16 points higher than in our first survey in 2000.  Perceptions of the overall quality of Cambridge Public Schools has risen dramatically since 2008—with total positive ratings now at 49% (up from 36% in 2008). Positive perceptions of job opportunities have declined (not surprising given the state of the economy), but positive perceptions of the city’s economic development also continue to rise.  Internet usage continues to rise—with 60% now citing it as the most used method of interaction with the city.  The survey found improvement in “excellent” ratings for nearly every city service.  

Since 2000, Opinion Dynamics Corporation has conducted the biannual Citizen Survey for the City of Cambridge.  It consisted of a telephone survey conducted between September 9 and September 26, 2010.  The sample consisted of 400 Cambridge residents aged 18 and older.  The overall sample yields a margin of error of ±4.9 percent at the mid-range of the 95% confidence interval.  That is, when conducting 100 such surveys, 95 of them will produce results that fall, at worst, 4.9 points on either side of a given percentage. 

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