Disabilities Commission Director Muehe Named 2011 Advocate and Activist for Disability Rights


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Michael Muehe, Executive Director of the Cambridge Commission for Persons with Disabilities will receive the 2011 Advocate and Activist for Disability Rights award at the Boston Center for Independent Living ‘s  15th Annual Marie Feltin Award Ceremony later this month.

The ceremony honors individuals and institutions who exemplify the pioneering spirit of the late Dr. Marie Feltin, a tireless advocate for disabled and chronically ill patients. The event also serves as a tribute to Marie’s legacy that epitomized BCIL’s mission of empowering individuals with disabilities to take control of their lives and live independently.

Muehe has served as Executive Director of the Cambridge Commission for Persons with Disabilities (CCPD) since 1994.  In providing training and technical assistance to City departments and other local entities as they address issues of accessibility, disability and reasonable accommodation, Muehe has touched the lives of Cambridge residents of all abilities over the age spectrum.  Over the years, he has worked successfully with the city’s Commission for Persons with Disabilities staff and 11-member volunteer board on various ways to help the City communicate a welcoming attitude. The Commission’s bimonthly newsletter and Website serve as an important source of information and encouragement for people with disabilities.  As an essential member of the city’s Open Space Committee, Muehe has influenced how parks and recreational facilities meet the needs of children and adults with disabilities. Muehe has also been a key member of the team leading efforts to make the city’s Out of School Time Programs accessible to children with special needs.  Additionally, he has collaborated with the Public Works Department in the development of their 5 year plan for improving the sidewalks and streets.

Muehe has worked tirelessly with the Cambridge Human Rights Commission and the Cambridge City Council Ordinance Committee to help ensure passage of amendments to the Human Rights Commission Ordinance to include the requirement that public accommodations remove barriers to access for people with disabilities. Muehe also works with the city’s Community Development Department to provide technical assistance to business owners making accessibility improvements along with their façade improvements.  Every year, the CCPD also sponsors a very effective event on the employment of people with disabilities.

Muehe’s guiding role was a significant component in the City’s recognition by the National Organization on Disability as the 2005 grand prize Accessible America Award winner.

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