Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and Ways to Help


Since 1984, Cambridge has had a sister city relationship with Tsukuba, Japan, which is located 125 miles south of the epicenter of the March 11, 2011 earthquake and the subsequent tsunami that caused tremendous devastation. The City of Cambridge and the Cambridge Peace Commission join with the Cambridge-Tsukuba Sister City Committee in expressing sympathy for the suffering of the people of Japan and in encouraging others to support Japan as feasible as they work to recover and rebuild.

The following information is provided as a service to those who wish to help Japan. Please research any organization prior to making a donation to make sure that its mission is one to which you wish to contribute.

The Japan Society of Boston has compiled a number of resources for aiding the people of Japan: www.japansocietyboston.org/Earthquake 

The Consulate General of Japan in Boston has compiled a similar list: www.boston.us.emb-japan.go.jp
Here is a list of some reputable charities offering on-the-ground assistance in Japan:
CARE will be delivering relief items (such as toilet paper, water, and food) to victims in the areas hardest hit by the earthquake and tsunami. To support CARE, call 1-800-521-CARE or donate online at www.care.org.
International Medical Corps has sent an emergency response team that is currently offering health-care services in Japan. To donate, go to the Corps' website (www.internationalmedicalcorps.org) or call 1-800-481-4462.
The Japanese Red Cross will be clearing debris, assisting with nuclear decontamination, and feeding those in need. You can donate to these projects via the American Red Cross by giving online at http://www.redcross.org or by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS. To give a $10 gift through your cell phone, text "RedCross" to 90999.
To find more organizations like these, refer to www.interaction.org, which offers an extensive list of humanitarian groups operating in Japan. If you'd like to know more about an aid organization, you can look it up online at Charity Navigator (www.charitynavigator.org).

Below is a link to a news story with additional information and ways to help:

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