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Every School Committee candidate and his or her political committee, if any, is required to field Form CPF M102 with the Cambridge Election Commission on or before the 8th day preceding the City Election, complete from the day following the ending date of the last report period through 10 days before the due date. Filers who are not current candidates are required to file the year-end report only. They must also file on or before January 20 in the following year complete from the day following the ending date of the last report filed through December 31. This year-end report must also be filed every year so long as a committee is in existence, or a candidate maintains a campaign fund, has outstanding debts, or is an incumbent elected official.

* Source of information: Campaign Finance Guide, Candidates for Municipal Office. Published by the Office of Campaign and Political Finance, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The Cambridge Election Commission receives and reviews all School Committee campaign finance forms and posts them on the city web site. Paper copies for the public are made available in the Cambridge Election Commission office.

Report to: Election Commission

Filing Deadlines: 8 days preceding election in which a candidate is running; January 20 of each year.

Filing Periods: Pre-election report: January 1 through 18 days preceding election for current candidates. Year-end report: from day after ending day of last report through December 31.

Campaign Finance Reports from previous candidates (beginning in 2003) who have dissolved their committees can be found here.

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