Cambridge Reaches Agreement With Comcast On 10 Year Cable TV Renewal License


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After an extensive public process, involving six focus groups, telephone and online surveys, financial and technical compliance reviews and a public hearing in February 2010,  followed by  a lengthy negotiation process, the City has entered into a ten year Cable Television Renewal License with Comcast, from July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2021. The 2011 Renewal License features annual payments of 5% of Comcast’s Annual Gross Revenues derived from the services it provides to Cambridge subscribers, which currently generates an annual revenue stream of approximately $1,400,000, a capital grant of $1,772,000 paid out over the ten year license term and equipment upgrades to the cable system. The City has also negotiated a ten year agreement with Comcast for a 10% Senior Citizen Discount on Basic Service and on Digital Starter Service for eligible seniors. A copy of the 2011 Renewal License and the Senior Discount Agreement are attached.







 Cable Renewal-License-Senior-Discount-MOA-07-18-11


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