Cambridge Taxi Driver of the Year


tax driver of the year 2011 photo

Photo: Evans Auguste and Robyn Culbertson.

The 2011 Cambridge Taxi Driver of the Year award was presented to Evans Auguste recently at a well-attended gathering at the Inn at Harvard in Cambridge’s Harvard Square.

Auguste was nominated for the annual award by Robyn Culbertson, Executive Director of the Cambridge Office for Tourism. In her nomination form, Culbertson relayed a challenging experience she had on a rainy January day trying to find a cab that would accept credit cards. Robyn explained she had spoken to 14 cab drivers without finding one that would accept a credit card as payment. Then just as she was about to give up, Auguste chased her down in the rain offering his cab which accepted credit cards.

During the trip into Boston, Culberston commented on the cleanliness of Evans’ taxi, the credit card issue for tourists, residents and cabbies, and life in general. During their conversation Culbertson was impressed with the pride Auguste took in his work and the pleasant and positive attitude he had toward his job and the taxi industry. Knowing about the annual Taxi Driver of the Year Award program, she decided to nominate him and he subsequently won.

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