Autumn Fire Safety


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As cooler weather approaches now is a good time for residents to take some fire prevention steps in their homes. Homeowners should ensure that heating equipment is serviced properly and fireplaces and chimneys are also inspected to make sure they are functioning. Chief Gerald Reardon and the Cambridge Fire Department recommend the following:

• Make sure there is adequate clearance of combustibles from heating equipment.
• Clean out basements, garages and attics. Remove old paints, thinners and other hazardous waste products that may have accumulated over time.
• Use candles safely. Burning candles should be kept one foot away from anything that can burn, never leave candles un-attended, pay particular attention to curtains and draperies near candles.
• Install a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless deadly gas that is produced as a result of combustion. If heating equipment is not properly operating the gas may be fed into living spaces instead of being vented through chimneys.
• Remove fuel from lawn mowers before storing them for winter.
• Test smoke detectors monthly; replace batteries as needed. Smoke detectors should be replaced every ten years.
• Reduce the use of extension cords.
• Practice escape routes with children.

For more information visit the Cambridge Fire Department website at

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