Cambridge Earns Top Spot in GoLocalProv's Ranking of New England's Best Cities 2012


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Excerpt from GoLocal Write-Up on Cambridge

No wonder this vibrant city packed with some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the world took top honors in GoLocal's first ranking: it has everything, and in spades. Cambridge dominated on nearly every quantifiable front in this year's ranking, especially in the areas of culture and education (it may come as no surprise that Cambridge boasts a remarkable 72.4% of its adult population possessing a BA or higher… the highest score in New England). Cambridge is also the #1 "walkable" city in New England, and possesses the #1 ranking for air quality in Massachusetts. Its unemployment rate is the lowest in Massachusetts, and its median income the highest (and #3 on the list overall, behind #1 Stamford, CT and #2 Nashua, NH).

Named for the University of Cambridge in England, Cambridge was an important center of Puritan theology. Now, it's home to a wide diversity of beliefs and residents (known as Cantabrigians). Known as a "City of Squares", Cambridge is home to many thriving residential and commercial neighborhoods, from high-tech Kendall Square near MIT, to ivy-covered Harvard Square to restaurant-packed spots like Central Square, Porter Square, and Inman Square. Full of culture, full of life, full of diversity, Cambridge is a shining example of what a New England city can aspire to be.

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