City of Cambridge Scholarship Recipients Honored


R. W. Healy award winner 2012

During a special ceremony May 14 at Cambridge City Hall Sullivan Chamber, City officials presented 50 scholarships for $2,500 each to recipients of the annual City Scholarship.  Assistant City Manager for Fiscal Affairs Louis DePasquale, whose office coordinates the program, thanked Cambridge residents and businesses for their dedicated support over the years that make this program possible.

Prior to the presentation of the award, Mayor Henrietta Davis and other City and School officials commended the 2012 recipients for their hard work and wished them well as they went on to secondary educational institutions.

The 2012 recipients were: Mustafa Abbas, Ian Adler, Zeyla Anderson, Alisa Apreleva, Alec Arceneaux, Kira Arnott, Ayana Aubourg, Nina Becker Jobim,   Kate Berlent, Nadaizja Bolling, Rosa Booth, Otis Booz,  Mikaela Boyne, Muriel Brunet, Lauren Brunet, Aidan Campbell, Amy Campbell, Elisa Canas Sanchez, Naika Clergeau, Victoria Corcione, Edirson Correia, Sophia Croll, Keely Curliss, Josef De Haan, Filmon Elias, Salwa Elkatta, Freeland Ellis, Atetegeb Fekade, Serina Gousby, Jacqueline Guevara, Amanda Heffernan, Thalia Henao Villa, Scott Ho, Regina Holloway, Adrianna Hughes, Shawaz Imam, Don Kim, Jonathan Kramer-Roach, Zhe Li, Michael Noelsaint, Maria Pachon, Matthew Rajcok, Emily Rockwood, Christopher Salcedo Roderick, Priyanka Sen, Brian Trippe, Farrah Wong, Bersabell Yeshitla, Alexandros Zervos and Mohammed Zishanuzzaman.

During the ceremony, City Manager Robert W. Healy presented a separate scholarship for $3,500 to Christopher Salcedo Roderick who was selected as this year’s recipient of the annual Robert W. Healy Scholarship fund.  In 2001, an anonymous donor contributed $100,000 to establish an endowed scholarship in Healy’s name.  The City Manager Robert W. Healy Scholarship is a privately endowed scholarship that is not an agency or fund of the City of Cambridge. For the past three years, the Trust has awarded a scholarship to a graduating high school senior who has exhibited exemplary interest and behavior in school and community. 

2012 City scholrship award group photo
City Scholarship Winners with City and School Officials.

R. W. Healy award winner 2012

Christopher Salcedo Roderick, (center) recipient of the 2012 City
Manager Robert W. Healy Scholarship, with (from left to right):
Assistant City Manager for Fiscal Affairs Louis DePasquale,
School Committee Member Fred Fantini, Mayor Henrietta Davis
and City Manager Robert W. Healy.


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