Cambridge Crime Drops for Fourth Year in a Row


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The Cambridge Police Department is proud to report a historic drop in crime across the city, with serious crime declining by 3% in Cambridge in 2012 and hitting its lowest mark in nearly half a century.

“We are proud that crime continued to decline in 2012,” said Cambridge Police Commissioner Robert C. Haas. “But we’re not only focused on the numbers; we realize that a reduction in crime means fewer people are being victimized in our city and that is what is truly important.”

A detailed analysis of statistics by the Crime Analysis Unit shows declines in both property (-2%) and violent crime (-5%). In the last 10 years, total crime has dropped 21% across the city. Some of the more significant trends identified when analyzing the crime totals in Cambridge for 2012 were that housebreaks registered a decrease of 4% when compared with 2011. The drop in larceny of motor vehicles, at 39% below the 5-year weighted average, was a major factor in the falling property crime rate. A dramatic drop in commercial robbery also helped push crime down in 2012. With only 16 incidents reported all year, this 53% reduction accounts for most of the drop in violent crime.

Commissioner Haas said the department’s use and analysis of data were key factors in the drop in crime. “We examine every report to find trends in the data which help drive our resources. By giving our officers this information, they have done an exceptional job of working to break patterns before they are able to fully materialize. It is their hard work and commitment to this community which have made us successful in working to reduce crime.”

The crime of larceny from a person (more commonly referred to as pickpocketing) increased in Cambridge during 2012. Despite numerous arrests of professional pick-pockets, including several successful undercover operations by detectives, this crime increased by 15% and accounted for 48 more incidents than were seen in 2011.

Link here to full report on Cambridge Police website.

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