April Showers Bring Limited Time Offer on Rain Barrels


Rain Barrel

Capture rainwater from your roof and store it in a rain barrel for later use in your garden.  If rainwater is not captured and allowed to soak back into the ground, rivers and streams do not have the chance to sustain or "recharge" themselves.  By capturing rainwater, you are reducing stormwater runoff, conserving water and recharging the groundwater.

Purchase a 60-gallon rainwater collection system for $69, a 40% discount off regular price. This offer is valid until May 15, 2014. To provide the lowest cost, the company is arranging for a general delivery of rain barrels on Thursday, May 22, from 4-7 p.m., to Cambridge DPW yard, 147 Hampshire St.   

Free Installation
A local non-profit agency, Green Cambridge (www.greencambridge.org ), is offering to install rain barrels for Cambridge residents free of charge.  Rain barrels also include installation instructions.

For more information, to order online or to check out new designs and color options, visit The Great American Rain Barrel Company website: www.greatamericanrainbarrel.com, click on “Shop Local Programs” and select “Cambridge.”  Order by phone at 1-800-251-2352 and mention City of Cambridge promotion.

Visiting City Hall

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