Fire Hydrant Testing May Stain Clothes


hydrant testing photo

Cambridge Water and Fire Departments will be conducting annual Fire Hydrant Maintenance and Flow Tests April 28 through June 20, on weekdays from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Hydrant testing is performed to ensure operability and to identify and repair those hydrants requiring maintenance. In addition to hydrant testing, crews will be performing water main flushing. Approximately 25 hydrants will be tested in each area, each day.

Hydrant testing may disturb the sediment that naturally occurs in the water piping system. Water from your faucets and toilet may appear rust colored from this disturbance. Rust discoloration may last for several hours after the tests have been completed. Although discolored water does not usually present a health hazard, the Water Department recommends that anyone with concerns should not drink it. You may wish to store tap water or two-gallon containers in your refrigerator for the day of the test.

We also suggest that the residents check their water before doing laundry because the discolored water may stain your clothes. If your laundry is stained, the Water Department will provide you with a wash additive to remove the stains.

To learn more about dates for designated Cambridge neighborhoods, click here.

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