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Women and Words: Women Powered Transportation June 5
7–8:30 p.m.  City Hall Annex, Community Room, 344 Broadway

Jennifer Lawrence, Sustainability Planner for the City of Cambridge will discuss how women are changing the face of sustainable transportation in Cambridge and the nation. Open to those already committed to cycling, walking, carpooling and public transit and those curious to find out more.


Did You Know?


The number of female bicyclists increased by 1.3 million in 2012 and women are now the driving force in the bicycle market.(League of American Cyclists, 8/2013).


29.5% of Cambridge residents bike or walk to work.  This is the highest in the nation.
(2006-2010 American Community Survey).

The EZ Ride Shuttle, a shuttle bus for commuters and the public managed by the Charles River TMA, carried 514,397 passengers in 2012.

This program is part of the Women and Words Community Discussion Group sponsored by Cambridge Women's Commission.

For more information, contact Emily Shield, Cambridge Women's Commission at 617-349-4697 or eshield@cambridgema.gov.

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