Cambridge Cat, Wally, Reunited with Owner after being lost for Two Months


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After eight weeks of roughing it on the streets of Cambridge, Wally the cat and his owner, Cambridge resident, Grethe Thilly, have been reunited! Luckily he was found just before Hurricane Sandy blew into town. 

On Sept. 4, Cambridge Animal Control received a lost cat report, concerning the 17-year-old Scottish Fold named Wally. More than a month later, on Oct. 24, the office received an email from  Charles River Alleycats* regarding a cat living under a wheelchair access ramp in Central Square. They had been feeding him, but were unable to capture him and asked for the City’s help.

Animal Control Officer Alison Price responded to the location where the cat had been living and successfully coaxed him out from under the ramp with some food. The cat’s condition required veterinarian care so Officer Price took him to the Huron Veterinary Hospital. The veterinarian described the cat as a Scottish Fold which triggered Officer Price’s memory of the report filed over eight weeks ago about a lost Scottish Fold. Officer Price contacted Grethe Thilly who made the report. She came immediately to the hospital and was overwhelmed by the fact that her beloved cat had been found after being lost for so long.

“It is happy endings like this that make our job the most rewarding,”
said Price. In a follow-up email to Cambridge Animal Commission, Thilly said, “Words cannot express the thanks I have for you and your team, I just tear up with joy and gratitude.”

*Charles River Alleycats  is dedicated to promoting and reducing the number of homeless and feral cats in the greater Boston area through non-lethal means, by using programs such as trap-neuter-return.


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