2013 Outstanding City Employees Honored


2013 Outstanding City Employees

Photo: 2013 Outstanding City Employees (Front row, l to r): Dan Rivello, Officer Evelyn Kantor Lugo, John Nollet, Cliff Cook, Martha Flynn, Annette Rodibaugh, Calvin Lindsay and Saed Ali. (Back row, l to r): City Manager Robert W. Healy, Deputy City Manager Richard C. Rossi and Mayor Henrietta Davis. Photo by Bob Coe.

2013 Outstanding City Employees


The City of Cambridge recently hosted a special awards ceremony to honor recipients of the 2013 City Employee Award. City Manager Robert W. Healy presented the awards with assistance from Mayor Henrietta Davis and Deputy City Manager Robert. W. Healy.  Members of the City Council also attended the awards ceremony and praised the recipients for the dedicated service to the City of Cambridge.

"This is one of my favorite events of the year," City Manager Robert W. Healy said.

Congratulations to our 2013 winners! Below is an overview on each recipient that was read aloud by City Manager Healy during the awards ceremony.

Saed Ali, Heavy Meoii/Laborer, Department of Public Works
Saed started his career with the City in 2003 as a laborer in the Parks and Urban Forestry Division of Public Works.  In 2005, he obtained his commercial driver’s license, and that same year was promoted to the position of Parks Maintenance Craftsworker/Motor Equipment Operator. In 2009, Saed was then promoted to the position of Heavy Motor Equipment Operator II/ Laborer in the Solid Waste Division.  Later that year, Saed transferred to the Off Hours shift.  In this position, Saed not only provides reliable service emptying public area rubbish receptacles   but is an initial responder to a variety of emergencies.  Whether he is responding to a fallen tree or limb, or checking a City building when alarms are ringing, Saed’s soft spoken ways and can-do attitude is what sets him apart.  Saed continues to play a big role in snow operations; just this past year, he could often times be seen behind the wheel of a large plow or salter.  Saed was recognized with the Ruth and Carl Barron Award in 2006, and the Commissioner’s Award for Outstanding Performance in 2007.  Originally from Somalia, Saed is a naturalized US citizen.  He and his wife own a home in Cambridge, where they live with their son and daughter. Saed, thank you for your dedication to the City of Cambridge.

Clifford Cook, Project Planner, Community Development Department
The Community Development Department relies on a wide variety of planning information, whether it is state employment statistics, city housing production, census population figures or journey-to-work numbers.  Over the past 15 years, Cliff Cook has been responsible for providing the planning information for the work of the Community Development Department – as well as many other city departments. Cliff worked with the City’s IT department to establish the now invaluable CDD Geographic Information Systems operation.  He has been a key team member for such projects as Citywide rezoning, the Eastern Cambridge Planning Study, the Concord Alewife Planning Study, and the current K2C2 study, providing not only the data analysis for the complex build-out scenarios being considered, but also thoughtful insights into the quality of the data and its intended use. Cliff has been responsible for directing the safe and orderly transition of the Community Development Department’s use of new and updated software, as well as maintaining up-to-date and computer support for all staff needs, from laptops and projectors to graphics production and network systems.  He has exhibited exceptional customer service, cross-departmental cooperation and an ability to do outstanding work on a day-to-day basis. 

Shortly after Cliff arrived, he directed the establishment of the original CDD website and, most recently, coordinated the production of the outstanding new CDD website, which he continues to improve and maintain on a constant basis. The website features over 500 pages of information covering every aspect of the CDD operation.  He annually provides demographic analysis to other city departments, including the Department of Human Services, the School Department and the Budget Office.  He directs the work of the department’s computer support and GIS mapping and, since his arrival prior to the 2000 census, has worked on the team of city staff who coordinate with the Federal Census on all aspects of the census project, from the initial delineation of districts, to the final analysis of information. Throughout each of these projects, Cliff maintains a willingness to work the long hours required by the task and, along with a welcome sense of humor and perspective, always brings an outstanding clarity and focus in his everyday work that has become the backbone of CDD. 

Martha Flynn, Assistant Commissioner, Inspectional Services Department
Martha was first hired by the City in 1993 as a temporary Data Entry Operator at the Water Department.  In 1996, Martha transferred to the Public Works Department as an Administrative Assistant in the Engineering Division.  Looking for a new challenge, Martha joined the Traffic, Parking & Transportation Department (TPT) in 2002, as a part-time Budget Analyst, eventually transitioned to full time, and in 2008 was promoted to Project Manager. Martha worked at TPT for 8 ½ years, then was promoted to a position with Inspectional Services in 2010. Martha has been the City’s utility infielder. Wherever there was a project that needed staff support, she jumped in and cheerfully got the job done. She got along well with everyone, wherever she worked, in large part because she added value to every project she was involved with, and the staff in each department wanted to work with her because the projects were always improved by the collaboration with her. Martha was a key player in improving TPT’s website and implementing many of TPT’s online services. She pulled together TPT’s Training Manual for Parking Control Officers, which has been enhanced and used regularly ever since. She set up the street permit system on CRS and initiated the online application process. Martha has a particular skill with setting up systems and providing tools that make others’ work simpler. Many of best systems, that TPT continues to use today, are those that Martha set up with staff during her tenure.

Martha joined the Inspectional Services Department in 2010 as the Assistant Commissioner. She took charge of computerization of the department, working with the IT Department, and successfully implemented ISD’s online permitting system, which has been added to ISD’s new website. She is responsible for making sure that all new permit applications are made online and that Inspectors use Tablet computers for creating their inspection reports. In addition to these efforts, Martha manages the department’s budget and supervises health and sanitary inspectors and the ISD office staff. She is an extremely dedicated employee, is well liked by the staff and is a great asset to the department. For her wide-ranging efforts, essential skills and dedication to the City of Cambridge for the past 20 years, Martha is a most deserving and outstanding employee.

Calvin Lindsay, Director, 22-CityView
Calvin began his employment with the City of Cambridge in December 1999.  Over the last several years, the Municipal Cable Channel, now known as 22-CityView, has become one of the most sought after outlets for getting information out to residents and employees.  From Monday night Council meetings, to covering City events including the Dance Party, to filming special occasions in the City, such as the Centennial Celebration of Tip O’Neill, Calvin has shown the ability to tailor and customize a project to fit specific needs through his local knowledge and production creativity.  His determination to see a project through to its full potential is infectious. As the Department administrator, Calvin encourages his staff to develop and enhance their skills, while prioritizing a positive work environment.  Calvin takes great pride in knowing that he is successful when his staff is successful.  He accomplishes this through his availability and willingness to share his expertise.  Calvin has increased the quality and quantity of programming and has shaped and expanded the Municipal Channel’s message and purpose to better serve Cambridge residents.  Since becoming the Director, 22-CityView has seen a 350% increase in viewership.

What you may not know about Calvin is that he began his career at WGBH-TV, Boston’s Public Broadcasting Station affiliate, and is a seven-time Emmy Award winning Series Producer for Say Brother, one of public television’s longest running local series.  His credits include myriad projects ranging from political coverage to documentary and dramatic treatments.   Calvin conceived the award-winning documentary series Reflections, which chronicled the lives, seminal moments and motivations of a number of artists and cultural innovators, including Judith Jamison, James Earl Jones, the Nicholas Brothers and Henry Hampton. Masterworks, another award-winning series developed by Calvin, featured some of the most notable musicians working in the jazz genre. Calvin’s current projects are REBEL, a docu-drama feature about a woman soldier of the American Civil War, scheduled for a 2013 PBS release; and Empty Kitchen Chairs, a feature-length co-production with Stage Praise Productions, that presents a coming-of-age story about love, friendship, betrayal and redemption. Calvin’s work has been recognized by the National Black Programming Consortium, the Association of Massachusetts Broadcasters, the New York Festivals, the National Association of Television Arts & Sciences, the Denver Jazz on Film Festival Series and the International Documentary Association.
Keeping in mind that he is much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it, I would like to ask Calvin to come up and accept this award, which I am pleased to present.

Evelyn Kantor Lugo, Police Officer, Cambridge Police Department
Evelyn Kantor Lugo began her employment with the City of Cambridge in 2004 as an Administrative Assistant in the License Commission before changing career paths to become a Cambridge Police Officer in 2008. Officer Kantor Lugo is being nominated for Employee of the Year for her tireless efforts in working to improve the quality of life for homeless persons, the elderly and residents of the Central Square area. Officer Kantor Lugo works in the Central Square area with homeless individuals and business owners to address issues of concern and get resources for those in need.  The Central Square Business Association has previously honored Officer Kantor Lugo at the Community Luncheon for her service to Central Square. Simply, Officer Kantor Lugo’s caring and attentive presence in Central Square has improved the quality of life there. Officer Kantor Lugo is always willing to participate in various community initiatives to support the department in improving the perception of policing in Cambridge.  She also assists other department personnel with speaking to the CRLS Lady Falcons Basketball Team, by sharing useful strategies for youth when interacting with law enforcements officials.  In addition, the team learns about how to pursue law enforcement as a career and students are given the opportunity to ask questions about how to become a police officer, about different laws and how to report crimes.

Most recently, Officer Kantor Lugo participated in the department’s recruitment effort and public service video to encourage Cambridge residents to take the upcoming police exam and was recently interview by TuBoston about her experience as a Latina officer, which can be viewed on the Cambridge Police Department’s website. Evelyn truly embodies the department’s mission to provide the highest level of professional law enforcement services. Her problem solving, community partnership approach and awareness of community diversity are greatly valued aspects of the department. Officer Kantor Lugo sets a great example through her recognition that true police professionalism incorporates the duty of serving the community. It is for these reasons that I present Evelyn Kantor Lugo with the 2013 Outstanding City Employee Award. 

John Nollet, Database Administrator, Information Technology Department (ITD)
John has worked for ITD for 11 years, joining the City in 2002 as the Information Technology Department’s only Database Administrator (DBA) for all Enterprise Applications.  Prior to hiring John, the City did not have a DBA.  The most critical Enterprise Application at the time was Peoplesoft.  John had a very long and successful career supporting various databases, but never Peoplesoft.  Over the next few years, he immersed himself in Peoplesoft and began to support major upgrades, with fewer resources required from consultants.  Today, almost all of the work required to do a Peoplesoft upgrade is performed solely by John.  While increasing his expertise with MS SQL and Peoplesoft, John became the primary DBA for all other Enterprise Applications, which include:  MUNIS, Geographical Information Systems, Remedy (CRS), Content Management Systems (Cold Fusion and Sitecore) and Energov.  John gained the necessary expertise required and provides administrative services for daily maintenance and system upgrades.  With only one DBA for all applications, it is not always easy for John to take time off for traditional in-class learning.  He has employed various methods to develop his skills, largely by using online tools, webinars, online classroom instruction, conferences and at least one in-classroom course per year.  This requires that he take the initiative and seek out the knowledge required to be prepared for new and changing technology as it evolves. 

John’s role requires that he be flexible, reliable and strategic, and to be available quite often during off hours.  The type of changes he makes to keep the systems up to date and reliable requires that he work when the systems are not actively in use.  He regularly works early hours and most weekends to accomplish this, therefore preventing any outage to users during the day.  He is on call 24/7 and does this work with a wonderful attitude.  I think everyone can attest that the reliability of our Enterprise Application is outstanding!  If you have met or worked with John, then you know how knowledgeable and professional he is.  He cares first about the user and that they have what they need to get their jobs done, also  knowing how critical the applications that he supports are.  Technology is advancing rapidly requiring John to be current and prepared. John’s strong work ethic, unique expertise, positive and professional attitude, and his focus on customer service make him an Outstanding Employee highly deserving of this award.

Dan Rivello, Director of Communications and Media Relations
Cambridge Police Department

Dan Riviello began his employment on May 24, 2010, following an impressive presentation during his interview on how to “Get the Good News Story Out” about the Cambridge Police Department.  The presentation included recommendations on how the Director of Communications and Media Relations should use social media to rebrand the Cambridge Police Department and promote the good work of the men and women of the Department.  The hiring of Dan Riviello put the City of Cambridge on the map with the increased use of social media throughout the City.  He has transformed the way the CPD communicates with the community in his primary role as a liaison between the media, the public, the Police Commissioner and Command Staff.  He has single-handedly led the Department’s efforts in implementing and expanding its social medial presence, to include a community of engaged followers on Facebook and Twitter.  Currently, CPD has over 13, 000 followers on Twitter and 1,700 on Facebook.   Most recently, Dan’s efforts launched the Department’s ability to send real time tweets, which enable the CPD to communicate with the public in a timely manner about serious incidents.  The CPD was the second police department in the nation to launch such a program.  Additionally, Dan continues to advance the reputation of the department by reinventing ways by which to communicate with the public, such as through Instagram. Dan was also instrumental in the development and implementation of the Cambridge Alert Network and Code Red.  These services are used to alert residents via phone calls, emails and text messages in the event of emergencies within the city, such as: Snow emergencies, Evacuations and Large scale water outages or other significant service disruptions. As part of the Cambridge Alert Network, Citizen Observer is a service used by the Cambridge Police Department to send e-mail and text alerts about crime and other notifications to the various neighborhoods of the City. These alerts are typically sent within 12 hours of an incident and may include threats to Public Safety, High Profile Incidents, Advisories and neighborhood information.

With Dan’s continued outreach efforts, the Department has more than 11,000 subscribers to Citizen Observer.  In addition to his work with the Department, Dan serves on several committees and was selected to co-facilitate “Social Media 101” for employees to gain a better understanding and overview of the various Social Media tools. Dan was instrumental in delivering timely and accurate information during the horrific Marathon Bombing events that transpired between Apirl 15 and 22, 2013.   Residents from the City of Cambridge and beyond commented on how helpful it was to have precise information on the events through live tweets occurring in the community.  Dan remained actively involved in promoting the work of the Cambridge Police Department and the City of Cambridge as he coordinated interviews of Commissioner Haas and MIT Police Chief DiFava as part of a Dateline NBC Special on the Marathon Bombing/Manhunt which aired April 24, 2013.

Dan ensured that the outpouring of support, encouragement and delivery of cards to the department did not go unnoticed.  He initiated an advertisement in the Cambridge Chronicle from Commissioner Haas thanking all the officers, residents and business owners for their support.   He is always willing to assist other law enforcement agencies with press releases and strategy as it relates to the media.  He is often called upon by the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office on serious matters and coordinates information to ensure accuracy in reporting.  It should be noted that during the Boston Marathon events, Dan was on vacation in Toronto, Canada, but that didn’t stop him from getting the information out to the community and assisting the DA’s office in writing their press release! Dan always maintains a high level of professionalism and performance, and is tremendously respected throughout the City for his extraordinary work ethic, energy, enthusiasm and initiative, all of which contribute to his success. He is truly an invaluable member of the Cambridge Police Department, and an asset to the City of Cambridge.  His dedication to the residents and employees of the CPD is exemplary and truly valued by me. 

Annette Rodibaugh, Operations Manager, Department of Public Works
Annette began her career with the City of Cambridge in 1992, starting as a temporary Senior Clerk Typist in the City Solicitor’s Office, then moving to a Receptionist/Clerk Typist position at Public Works. Within a year, she was promoted to the Administrative Assistant to the Commissioner.  In 2001, Annette was promoted to the position of Public Works’ Operations Manager.  Annette is widely known throughout the City as a go-to person who gets things done.  For this reason, she is the first person that many people across the City think to contact when they need assistance.  In her capacity as Operations Manager, Annette is responsible for helping to connect the Cambridge community and other City departments with resources at Public Works, and to help ensure that work is scheduled as efficiently as possible.   She manages the Department’s service requests and work orders, and coordinates response to both City Council Orders and law claims.   Annette has attended countless training classes to improve her skills over the years, and has been active in most of the major transitions to new computer systems, technologies and business practices that the department has made during the past two decades.

Annette has also been part of a number of special initiatives over the years, including her recent work on the Rodent Control Task Force, and her long-standing responsibilities, including managing the City’s rodent control contracts and coordinating the response to complaints with Inspectional Services.  Every snow season, she plays a keys role in developing the City’s snow operations and procedures manual, organizing and updating staff rotations, and paying contractor bills.  She also helps organize and run citywide Household Hazardous Waste collection days and the events associated with National Public Works Week. Annette is particularly well known for her work reviewing special events permits and requests for banners and special signage, and for coordinating the citywide, interdepartmental Special Events Committee.  Everyone from a parent planning a child’s informal birthday party in a park to a professional planner expecting tens of thousands of people at their event knows that Annette can be counted on to give them prompt attention and accurate information to help make their event a success.  She has received so many commendations on her work that they are too numerous to count, from such groups including the Harvard Square Business Association, Cambridge Arts Council, National Federation for the Blind, the Area Four Neighborhood Coalition, the Cambridge Science Festival and the Central Square Business Association. Annette received the Carl and Ruth Barron Award in 1995, and the DPW Commissioner’s Award for Outstanding Performance in 1999.  She is truly an exemplary public servant, someone who her coworkers, community members, and other City Departments can count on to be reliable and efficient.  Annette, thank you for all that you do!
Healy Receives Outsanding Employee Recognition

Following the presentation of the Outstanding City Employee Awards, Deputy City Manager Richard C. Rossi and the City Manager’s staff, along with Mayor Davis, presented a special award to City Manager Robert W. Healy in appreciation for his 39 years of service to the City of Cambridge. Mr. Healy will be retiring on June 30, 2013 and Deputy City Manager Richard C. Rossi will take over as City Manager. This is the first of many events to honor Mr. Healy for the incredible service he has given to this city.

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