Cambridge Public Library

Put your Library Card on your Phone


Never lose your library card again! Lighten your a good way. Back up your library card on your smartphone with the following apps:

For iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows smartphones, you could use Key Ring and CardStar.

CardStar creates a very attractive library card. Your card will even have the Cambridge Public Library logo on it, and the online account button takes you right to your Minuteman Library Account login. The home page is our mobile site. Simple, direct and easy to use.

Key Ring allows you to take pictures of the front and back of your card, and, like CardStar, generates a barcode readable by the scanners here at Main and at all the branches. Choose the category “Library”: it is in there! Key Ring is multifunctional; it lets you make lists (with photos!) and keep track of loyalty programs and sales in your area, but it doesn’t give you the access to library information, like the mobile site and your Minuteman account as simply as CardStar does.

If you want to branch out into loyalty cards, store coupons, event tickets and other items, Passbook is another free iPhone app.

If you are on a Windows phone, you might like Loyalty Cards, using barcode style Code 39.

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