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pdf Grand Junction Rail-with-Trail Feasibility Study
Study of the use of the Grand Junction corridor as location for a linear path.
pdf Green Building Annex
Article discussing the reconstruction of the City Hall Annex office building as a Green Building using the guidelines of the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.
pdf Green Building Task Force Recommendations
The Green Building/Zoning Task Force was appointed by the City Manager in April 2008 to work with City staff and analyze various approaches and to encourage energy efficient building practices.
pdf Green Ribbon Open Space Committee Report 2000
The Green Ribbon Open Space Committee was appointed in 1999 to develop criteria for expanding and improving the city’s open space system.
pdf Growth Policy Toward a Sustainable Future
The Growth Policy document outlines the planning assumptions and policies guiding the physical planning of Cambridge.
Growth Policy Update 2007
The Growth Policy document outlines the planning assumptions and policies guiding the physical planning of Cambridge.
pdf Guide to City Offices, Permitting & Licensing
Guide to City Offices Permitting and Licensing
pdf H Loading Zones
Areas designated for loading activity only.
pdf Harvard Square Development Guidelines
Guidance for future, incremental growth and change in the Harvard Square Overlay District pertaining to new construction and renovation. Referenced in Zoning Ordinance, Article 20.50.
Healthy Parks and Playgrounds Task Force Report
2009 report with recommendations for new and innovative approaches to the design and operation of future public parks and playgrounds in Cambridge to provide facilities that better serve physical, developmental, and social needs.
Historic Landmarks
Map tour of Cambridge Historic Landmarks around the City
Historic Preservation Projects
CPA Funded Historic Preservation Projects
pdf Historical and Neighborhood Conservation Districts
Historic Districts in the City of Cambridge
pdf Historical CPA 2013 - Affordable
Historical CPA 2013 Affordable
pdf Historical CPA 2013 - All Points
Historical CPA 2013 - All Points
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