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pdf Cambridge Riverfront Plan Reconnecting People to the Water
This 2011 plan seeks to create a vision for how the Charles River may become an even more valuable resource than it already is, one that is more easily useable for everyone and provides a richer and more inviting experience.
Cambridge Squares
3D Scene Used to Highlight Cambridge Squares and MBTA T Stations
pdf Cambridge Street Action Plan
1997 plan providing the basis for efforts to renew and rebuild the Cambridge Street commercial corridor.
pdf Cambridge Urban Forest Canopy Assessment
2005 report about the an Urban Forest Canopy Assessment conducted to develop a baseline estimate of the tree canopy cover in Cambridge and to estimate the value of environmental benefits provided by the urban forest.
Cambridge, MA Story Map Story
Learn how Cambridge got started with Storymap Apps
pdf Cambridgeport Blue Ribbon Committee Report
1986 report of the Blue Ribbon Committee on Cambridgeport revitalization. Focuses on land use, housing and urban design issues, with additional attention to open space, traffic and employment opportunities. Referenced in Zoning Ordinance, Article 15.12.
pdf Cambridgeport Neighborhood Study
2000 report of a study committee composed of neighborhood residents working with CDD staff covering housing, land use and zoning, urban design, transportation, open space, institutional uses, and economic development.
pdf Cambridgeport Neighborhood Study 2003 Update
2003 update to Cambridgeport Neighborhood Study issued in 2000.
pdf Cambridgeport Neighborhood Study 2010 Update
2010 update to the Cambridgeport Neighborhood Study issued in 2000 and previously updated in 2003.
pdf Cambridgeport Revitalization Plan
1983 report addressing the diverse needs of the Cambridgeport community by proposing a program of balanced development. The report includes proposals for housing, open space, transportation and business development improvements.
pdf Camp Rainbow Application
Application for Camp Rainbow, a summer camp program for individuals ages 6 and older with special needs.
Brochure 7/27/2016
pdf Camp Rainbow Brochure
Brochure for Camp Rainbow, a summer camp program for individuals ages 6 and older with special needs.
Brochure 7/27/2016
City of Cambridge Catchbasins Location
pdf CDBG 2010 - 2015 Five Year Plan
Five-Year Consolidated Plan delineating the broad objectives of CDBG funded programs and initiatives The current Five-Year Plan covers fiscal years 2011 through 2015.
pdf CDBG 2010 Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER)
The city submits a Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER) to the HUD on an annual basis, describing in detail expenditure of CDBG funds over the past fiscal year.

Visiting City Hall

Cambridge City Hall

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Cambridge MA, 02139
Ph: 617-349-4000
TTY: 617-349-4242

Hours of Service

Monday: 8:30am-8pm
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Louis DePasquale
City Manager

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Deputy City Manager