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Format Document Name & Description Type Category Date
pdf CDBG 2011 One Year Plan
One Year Action Plan describing anticipated CDBG activities and expenditures for the ensuing fiscal year.
pdf CDBG 2012 One Year Plan with ESG Amendment
One Year Action Plan describing anticipated CDBG activities and expenditures for the ensuing fiscal year.
pdf CDBG Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy
CDBG entitlement communities may define a Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area within which greater flexibility is available for the use of CDBG funds.
CDD Map Gallery
Topics range over wide area, covering everything from the locations of farmers markets, to parks, to zoning.
CDD Zoning Viewer
Cambridge Community Development Department's Zoning viewer
pdf Cemetery Map
A map for Cambridge Cemetery.
Maps 3/25/2010
pdf Cemetery Street Directory
A directory of Ways for Cambridge Cemetery.
Maps 3/4/2010
pdf Census 2010
Complete Count of Cambridge:It’s in our hands to ensure an accurate count!
pdf Central Square Action Plan
1987 plan used to guide actions of Central Square Advisory Committee appointed by the City Manager.
pdf Central Square Customer Intercept Survey Summary Report
2009 report with results of survey used to develop a better understanding of what Cambridge residents and Central Square customers want in the Central Square commercial district.
pdf Central Square Development Guidelines
The Central Square Development Guidelines have been compiled to assist residents, property owners, developers and the City in reviewing proposed development projects within the Central Square Overlay District.
pdf Central Square Improvements Project Master Plan 1995
1995 plan providing a vision for Central Square and focusing on physical improvements to the public realm.
pdf Central Square Red Ribbon Committee Report 2011
2011 report exploring the existing character and quality of life in Central Square and needed to ensure and enhance the future social, economic, and residential vitality and viability of the Square.
Central Square Riverside Neighborhood Work Group
Meeting Minutes
pdf Central Square Zoning Guide
1989 guide setting out criteria for the review of proposed development projects within the Central Square area. Used with the Central Square Action Plan and referenced in Zoning Ordinance, Article 20.300.

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