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Format Document Name & Description Type Category Date
pdf Residential Exemption
Residential Exemption
pdf Residential Districts
FY2014 Residential Districts
pdf Republican
Official State Primary Results September 14, 2010
pdf Regulamento Para o Uso de Sopradores de Folhas
Portuguese translation of leafblower brochure
Brochure Public Works 9/29/2010
pdf Regulaciones para el uso de sopladores de hojas
Leafblower Brochure, Spanish
Brochure Public Works 9/29/2010
pdf Regional Truck Study
2001 Regional Truck Study
Document 10/1/2014
Recycling eNewsletter February 2015
Recycling eNewsletter February 2015
Document 2/25/2015
pdf Recycling and Trash Collection Districts
Map of collection districts by the day of the week
pdf Recycling and Trash Brochure 2010
Recycling and Trash Brochure published in 2010
Brochure Recycling and Trash 10/25/2010
pdf Recycling & Trash Guidelines, Chinese
Recycling & Trash Guidelines translated in Chinese
Brochure Recycling and Trash 12/1/2010
pdf Recommendations Concerning a New Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance
1997 report describing recommended approaches and options for the City of Cambridge to adopt broader inclusionary zoning provisions
pdf Real Estate Property Abatement Form
Real Estate Property Abatement Form
Application Abatement 10/1/2014
RAC January 2011 Minutes
RAC January 2011 Minutes
Document Recycling and Trash 1/28/2011
pdf Q Shared Streets
Street segments in which vehicle traffic mixes with bicycle, pedestrian, and loading activities.
Public Dedications
City Public Dedications/ Memorial Poles Location and Information
ireport request city services, report an issue
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