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pdf Step-by-Step Guide to Fire Safety
Describes circumstances that require and procedures for obtaining different types of fire safety permits.
pdf Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining Historical Commission Certificates
Explains how the Cambridge Historical Commission regulates designated historic properties, describing process to obtain the required certificates to alter designated historic properties and how to obtain a demolition permit.
pdf Steps to Starting a Restaurant 2012
Explains the steps involved in starting a business, providing a general overview of the process and regulatory requirements.
pdf Strategies to Support Our Middle School Youth
Strategies to Support Our Middle School Youth
pdf Strawberry Hill Neighborhood Study
1999 report with recommendations from a study committee composed of neighborhood residents working with CDD staff. Covers housing, land use and zoning, urban design, transportation, open space, institutional uses, and economic development.
pdf Strawberry Hill Study Update 2007
2007 update to the 1999 Strawberry Hill Neighborhood Study.
pdf Street Cleaning Districts
Cambridge Street Cleaning Zones
pdf Street Preservation Offset Fee
Revised Requirements for Street Preservation
Document Public Works 11/30/2010
pdf Supermarket Access Report
1994 evaluation of access to supermarkets and other food sources as well as opportunities for supermarket expansion.
pdf Tax Rates and Residential Exemption Amounts
Tax Rates and Residential Exemption Amounts
pdf Taxi School Decision 1-20-10
License Commission General Hearings; Special- Taxi School
License Meeting Minutes 1/20/2010
pdf Taxicab Hearing 7-28-09
License Commission General Hearing
License Meeting Minutes 7/28/2009
pdf Temporary Disability Parking Permit
Application and Procedures for applying for a Cambridge Temporary Disability Parking Permit
Permit Commission for Persons with Disabilities 10/7/2014
pdf The Cambridg Life Magazine Spring 2011- Spring 2012
The Cambridg Life Magazine Spring 2011- Spring 2012
Publication Resource Guide 5/3/2011
pdf The Cambridge Life Magazine Spring 2010 - Spring 2011
Human Services Evolve and Improve, DPW Goes Green, Street Performers Take it to the Streets,Community Development Moves Cambridge Forward, Community Schools at 40, Triple A Rating for Cambridge
Publication Resource Guide 3/21/2010
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