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Format Document Name & Description Type Category Date
pdf Cambridge Life Magazine Fall/Winter 2005
The revamped magazine includes reference material from our popular guide, Living in Cambridge, and various city related articles to make it useful to both newcomers and longtime residents.
Publication Resource Guide 9/21/2004
pdf 2004 Annual Crime Report
2004 Annual Crime Report
Publication Crime Reports 1/1/2005
pdf Bike Lane Study: How Pavement Markings Influence Vehicle Positioning
2005 paper from study conducted by the City of Cambridge that finds that when bike lanes or other pavement markings were present, bicyclists traveled further away from parked cars than when no markings were present.
pdf Cambridge Urban Forest Canopy Assessment
2005 report about the an Urban Forest Canopy Assessment conducted to develop a baseline estimate of the tree canopy cover in Cambridge and to estimate the value of environmental benefits provided by the urban forest.
pdf Cambridge Life Magazine Fall/Winter 2006
This biannual magazine includes regular features on City departments, programs and services, a City resource section (including a newcomers’ page) and a calendar sampling of upcoming events.
Publication Resource Guide 9/21/2005
pdf 2005 Annual Crime Report
2005 Annual Crime Report
Publication Crime Reports 1/1/2006
pdf Cambridge Life Magazine Spring/Summer 2006
The sun is shining and the birds are singing on a beautiful day in July, but your child says,“I’m bored. I don’t have anything to do.”As a parent, what can you offer?
Publication Resource Guide 3/21/2006
pdf Cambridge Affordable Housing Trust Brochure
Describes the Cambridge Affordable Housing Trust and its activities supporting affordable housing acquisition and development, affordable housing preservation, first-time homebuyer assistance, and housing rehabilitation.
pdf CDBG Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy
CDBG entitlement communities may define a Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area within which greater flexibility is available for the use of CDBG funds.
pdf Cambridge Life Magazine Fall/Winter 2007
We continuously strive to make City government more accessible to our residents, businesses and others who need to interact with us.
Publication Resource Guide 9/21/2006
pdf 2006 Annual Crime Report
2006 Annual Crime Report
Publication Crime Reports 1/1/2007
pdf Cambridge Life Magazine Spring/Summer 2007
Cambridge seniors are fortunate to have access to a wide range of services courtesy of a number of different City resources.
Publication Resource Guide 3/21/2007
pdf Cambridge Life Magazine Fall/Winter 2008
Since the last edition of The Cambridge Life, a number of important events have occurred in the City that are worthy of mention.
Publication Resource Guide 9/21/2007
pdf 2007 Annual Crime Report
2007 Annual Crime Report
Publication Crime Reports 1/1/2008
pdf 1st Quarter Crime Report 2008
1st Quarter Crime Report 2008
Publication Crime Reports 4/1/2008

Visiting City Hall

Cambridge City Hall

795 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge MA, 02139
Ph: 617-349-4000
TTY: 617-349-4242

Hours of Service

Monday: 8:30am-8pm
Tuesday-Thursday: 8:30am-5pm
Friday: 8:30am-12pm

Louis DePasquale
City Manager

Lisa C. Peterson
Deputy City Manager