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Format Document Name & Description Type Category Date
pdf H Loading Zones
Areas designated for loading activity only.
pdf G Hazardous Locations
Areas kept clear of parking for public safety reasons.
pdf F Parking Prohibited On Narrow Streets - Fire Lanes
On narrow streets, sufficient width must be left available for fire apparatus.
pdf E Schools And Public Building Entrances
Areas in front of schools and public buildings to be kept clear of parked vehicles for the safety of pedestrians.
C Angle Parking Only
Areas where parking is designed as angle rather than parallel.
pdf B Isolated Stop and Yield
Intersections and approaches controlled by a STOP or YIELD sign.
pdf A Turn Restrictions
Intersections and approaches from which specified turns are prohibited.
pdf 13 Parking Ticket Violations
Listing of parking ticket violations and the associated fines.
pdf 12 Truck Restrictions
Streets restricted to truck traffic.
pdf 11 Weight Limit
Vehicle weight limits for bridges.
pdf 10A Parking Meter Rates
The amount per hour charged at each municipal parking lot and garage and by on-street meters and machines by commercial area.
pdf 10 Time Limited Parking
Areas where parking is permitted but limited to a specified duration.
pdf 9 No Stopping Tow-Away Zone
Areas where stopping is not permitted.
pdf 8 Snow Emergency Arteries
When a snow emergency is declared, parking is not permitted at ay time on these street segments. Snow emergency arteries aid the movement of fire apparatus, ambulances, police vehicles, and other emergency response vehicles in the event of heavy snow.
pdf 7B Resident Permit Parking
Street segments designated for Resident Permit Parking only.

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