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pdf 6E Reserved Parking Tow-Away Zone
Parking spaces reserved for purposes other than for handicapped parking.
pdf 6D Handicapped Parking Tow-Away Zone
Residents can apply to have a parking space reserved for handicapped parking in front of their residence. Spaces can also be added in commercial areas where needed.
pdf 6A No Parking Anytime Tow-Away Zone
Areas where parking is prohibited.
pdf 6 No Parking Anytime - Driveway Clearance
Residents can request a small No Parking Zone around their driveway, which is commonly called "driveway clearance."
pdf 5 Through Streets
The Through Street regulation has been deleted. This is a record of streets once designated as Through Streets.
pdf 4B No Bicycles On Sidewalks
Bicycle riding is not permitted on sidewalks in the areas on this list.
pdf 4A No Turn On Red
A list of intersections and their approaches from which a right turn on a red signal is not permitted at any time. Right turn on red is allowed after making a full stop and yielding to any vehicle, bicycle, or pedestrian traffic unless a NO TURN ON RED sign is posted.
pdf 4 Do Not Enter
A list of street segments into which vehicles are not permitted to enter.
pdf 3 One Way Streets
A list of one-way street segments.
pdf 2 Reduced Speed Limit
Schedule 2 Reduced Speed Limit
pdf Company Journal Issue #72
Fall 2014
Publication Newsletter 9/15/2014
pdf CPA FY15 Public Hearing Document August 5 2014
CPA FY15 Public Hearing Document August 5 2014
Document CPA 9/9/2014
pdf CPA FY15 Public Comments
CPA FY15 Public Comments
Document CPA 9/9/2014
pdf CPA FY15 Open Space Petitions
CPA FY15 Open Space Petitions
Document CPA 9/9/2014
pdf CPA FY15 Affordable Housing Petitions
CPA FY15 Affordable Housing Petitions
Document CPA 9/9/2014
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