Subway Poster 200x153Cambridge residents are great recyclers, but we can do better.  We are recycling 35% of our trash, but did you know that 25% of what we throw out could still be recycled?  With single stream recycling, all plastic, metal & glass containers, cardboard boxes and paper go together in your blue recycling toter.  Just no plastic bags, no food, no liquids, and no Styrofoam.   Make a commitment to recycle more and trash less.  Please tell your family, friends and neighbors to join in taking the pledge.     

I pledge to recycle at least 50% of my trash. I will:

  • Review the list of what I can and cannot recycle in the curbside program, and at the Recycling Center. 
  • Opt out of unwanted junk mail and phonebooks for free at cambridge.catalogchoice.org.
  • Lead by example in my home, work and/or school by recycling.
  • Tell 5 people that recycling and buying recycled products is one of the easiest things they can do to reduce their climate impact, protect nature and help create jobs.  
  • Reduce use of hazardous chemicals, choose non-toxic products whenever possible and recycle or donate non-alkaline batteries, cell phones, electronics, and appliances.
  • Reduce food waste and review my options to compost food scraps at home or through the drop-off program.
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