Cable Television in the City of Cambridge

Cable operators must obtain cable television franchise agreements from cities and towns to provide service and place cable lines in public rights-of-way. Franchise agreements are precisely defined by federal and state laws. Such agreements are nonexclusive.  Comcast is currently the only cable operator that has sought a license with Cambridge. The City of Cambridge has approached other operators, more than once, about seeking a license to operate a cable TV system in Cambridge, but they have informed us that Cambridge is not currently part of their business plan; however, City officials stand ready to negotiate with any willing operator.

Important Notice for Cambridge Residents Regarding Changes to Comcast/Xfinity Cable Service

On April 17, 2012, Comcast is upgrading their network to an all-digital platform, which may require obtaining additional equipment to continue receiving all current channels.  This primarily affects Limited Basic Service, Digital Economy and Family Tier customers who do not have a digital device (digital cable box, digital converter or digital adapter) from Comcast or a CableCARD device currently connected to a television set that is receiving cable service.

Please contact Comcast Customer Service at 1-888-634-4434 for questions regarding these changes or obtaining digital equipment.

Additionally, the following changes will occur to the Current Channel Lineup:

CCTV will now be carried on Channels 8 and 9 (English) and 96 (foreign language).

City TV-8 will move from Channel 8 to Channel 22 and be called 22-CityView.

Notice From Comcast Regarding Digital Network Enhancement and Channel Move (PDF)

Cable Television Complaints

Any unresolved inquiries concerning billing, service disputes and advertising should be directed to the Cambridge Consumers’ Council. To file a complaint concerning one of the above-mentioned issues or to request a copy of this information, please contact the Consumers' Council, at (617) 349-6150 or