Cable Television in the City of Cambridge

Cable operators must obtain cable television franchise agreements from cities and towns to provide service and place cable lines in public rights-of-way. Franchise agreements are precisely defined by federal and state laws. Such agreements are nonexclusive. Comcast is currently the only cable operator that has sought a license with Cambridge. The City of Cambridge has approached other operators, more than once, about seeking a license to operate a cable TV system in Cambridge, but they have informed us that Cambridge is not currently part of their business plan; however, City officials stand ready to negotiate with any willing operator.

Senior Discount Information

Senior's , 65 and older, may be eligible for a discount on some of the Comcast services. Contact the Consumers' Council for more information at 617 349-6150

Cable Television Complaints

Any unresolved inquiries concerning billing, service disputes and advertising should be directed to the Cambridge Consumers’ Council. To file a complaint concerning one of the above-mentioned issues or to request a copy of this information, please contact the Consumers' Council, at (617) 349-6150 or