Cambridge Postal Advisory Council

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The United States Postal Service established the Cambridge Postal Advisory Council (CPAC) in 1991 to serve as a community resource in terms of offering the customers’ perspective on the nature and quality of mail delivery service and other postal services in the City of Cambridge.

CPAC’s primary goal is to monitor customer trends and field any complaints that may arise. In addition to serving as a vehicle for customer complaints, CPAC serves as a venue to assist the Post Office in the development and implementation of new programs. 

2010-2011 CPAC Members

Katherine Lydon, Cambridge Postmaster

Fran Griffith, Assistant to the Postmaster

Carols Orozco, Central Square Post Office Manager

Sheldon Cohen, Sheldon Cohen Associates and Cambridge Resident

Peter Gesell, Cambridge Resident

Anne Williamson, Cambridge Resident

John Gintell, Cambridge Resident

Leroy Craigwell, Cambridge Resident

Emma Watkins, City of Cambridge's Citywide Senior Center

Laura Nichols, City of Cambridge 's Consumers' Council

Terrence Smith,  Cambridge Chamber of Commerce

Joanne Killackey-Hogan, Consumer Affairs Greater Boston District of the USPS