2013 Cambridge Police Awards Recipients


Congratulations to the following recipients who will be honored at the 11th Annual Cambridge Police Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 at 2 p.m. at the MIT Kresge Auditorium.

All are invited to attend. Refreshments will be served before the ceremony and a photograph session will be held after for recipients, friends, and family.



Albert G. Eckardt Medal of Commendation
And Purple Heart Medal

Officer Thomas J. Grainger

Thomas J. Riley
Lifesaving Medal

Officer Eugene M. Bustillo

Officer Frank Lange

Officer Nicholas J. Mochi, Jr.

Officer Steven R. Murphy

Officer Michael E. Padua

Officer Brendan Pasco


Officer Joseph T. Flynn


Officer Brian A. Mushlin

20 Years of Service

Deputy Supt. Steven J. DeMarco


Lieutenant Pauline M. Carter-Wells

Lieutenant Frederic J. Riley, Jr.


Lieutenant David Schofield


Lieutenant  Paul W. Timmins


Sergeant Thomas R. Ahern


Sergeant Edward J. Frammartino


Sergeant Susan M. Kale


Sergeant Kelley A. King


Sergeant John M. Lopes


Officer Keith E. Albert


Officer Paul J. Coutinho


Officer David P. Diamond, Jr.


Officer David M. Gamble


Officer James M. Greene


Officer Frederick D. Kantor


Officer Cathleen M. Lawson


Officer Victor A. Martignetti


Officer John L. Poirier


Officer Anthony J. Santiago


Officer Sean P. Tierney


Detective Lt. Steven C. Donahue


Det. Sergeant Robert W. Grey


Detective Donald R. Mahoney


Detective Dennis V. Marshall


Detective Joanne McEachern

30 Years of Service

Lieutenant James A. DeFrancesco

Lieutenant Leonard J. DiPietro


Sergeant Larry K. Clarke


Sergeant Leon K. Lashley


Sergeant Richard J. Linehan


Sergeant Kathleen M. Murphy


Sergeant Paul J. Sugrue


Officer William R. Arthur, Jr.


Officer William C. Barnes


Officer Paul M. Burke


Officer Thomas J. Grainger


Officer Carl J. Jones


Officer Glen B. Marshall


Detective Donald B. Bombino


Detective Edward M. Liberacki

35 Years of Service

Officer Ronald J. Yusam

Herbert Halliday
Lifesaving Ribbon

Officer Stephen E. Bikofsky


Officer James M. Brown

Officer David K. Szeto


Officer Raymond R. Pina, Jr.

Officer Steven S. Allen

Officer David P. Diamond, Jr.

Officer Thomas J. Grainger


Officer Michael S. Medeiros

Commissioner’s Unit
Award Ribbon        

Special Investigation Unit

“Operation Booting Heroin”


Det. Lt. Francis T. Boyle

Det. Sgt. Robert Grey

Det. Angel E. Barbosa

Det. Christopher J. Borum

Det. Kevin F. Branley        


Det. Agrait Collazo

Det. Kevin A. Donofrio 

Det. Stephen K. Edwards          


Det. Brian E. Hussey   


Det. Edward M. Liberacki

Det. Janie Munro

Cambridge Police Law
Enforcement Award

Officer Donald P. Miller–MIT Police


Off. Thomas J. Hoey – HUPD

Retirement Award

Lieutenant Timothy J. Hogan

Officer:           December 16, 1974 

Sergeant:        April 4, 1983

Lieutenant:     October 7. 1988

Retired:           January 8, 2013


Sergeant Peter C. Marfione

Officer:            December 16, 1974

Sergeant:         April 4, 1990

Retired:           October 11, 2012

Retirement Award

Officer Paul W. Klerowski

Officer:            June 24, 1989

Retired:           November 22, 2012


Detective Sgt. Larry K. Clarke

Cadet:             February 4, 1974

Dispatcher:     September 27, 1977

Officer:           May 23, 1983

Sergeant:         September 10, 1993

Retired:           February 8, 2013


Detective Anthony P. Jarosiewicz

Officer:            July 16, 1984

Retired:           January 5, 2013

Allen T. McPherson
Citizen Service Award    

Robert A. Wright


Inspector Roberto D. Russell - MBTA

Larry Burke Community
Policing Award

Detective Brian O’Connor


Detective Michael A. Schwartz

Mary C. Silva

Patrol Officer of the Year              

Officer Brendan O’Hearn

Detective of the Year                     

Detective Michael A. Schwartz

Specialist Officer of the Year

Officer Eric R. Helberg

Superior Officer of the Year          

Lieutenant John J. Lang

Non-Sworn Employee of the Year

Diana K. Kardashian

William J. Carroll
Letter of Commendation                   

Officer Matthew J. Mahoney

Officer Steven C. Burke

Officer Paul J. Coutinho


Officer Charles McNeeley

Det. John “Jack” W. Crowley

Officer James Matthew Brown


Officer Jarred R. Cabral


Officer Charles McNeeley


Officer William Phillips


Detective Thomas J. Flynn


Detective Daniel A. Marshall

Officer Jarred R. Cabral


Officer David C. Lee


Officer Michael D. Nickerson

Officer Brendan O’Hearn

Sergeant John E. Gardner


Officer Michael J. Carter


Officer Cameron O. Deane


Officer Thomas Maldonado

Officer Brendan O’Hearn

Officer Jason R. Callinan


Officer Dion S. DiNatale


Officer Sean M. Lowe


Off.  Christopher T. Sullivan


Sergeant Antonio Ayala

Sergeant Frederick J. Cabral

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