Mourning the Lives Lost to Domestic Violence in 2011

Cambridge Police Participate in Domestic Violence Vigil at City Hall


Domestic Violence Vigil Image

As part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, members of the Cambridge Police Department participated in a candlelight vigil at Cambridge City Hall on October 5th.

The annual Domestic Violence Candlelight Vigil occurred on the steps of City Hall, and members of the Cambridge Police Department were joined by City officials and community members in remembering those lost to domestic violence during 2011.

Domestic crimes include all offenses committed against family members, spouses and ex-spouses, roommates, and romantic partners and ex-romantic partners. Although "domestic violence" is generally thought to be synonymous with dating violence (50% of cases) and spousal abuse (20% of cases), it can also encompass violence between siblings, parents and children, step-parents and step-children, foster-parents and foster-children, and other family members.

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