Police & Teens Join Forces to Break Down Barriers

In My Shoes is a project in Cambridge that allows police and teens to switch roles


In My Shoes is a project in Cambridge that aims to break down barriers between teens and police by reversing roles and allowing both sides the opportunity to understand how they are perceived by each other. (Video courtesy of WGBH Greater Boston).

The Willis D. Moore Youth Center Neighborhood Service Project (NSP) Team, decided to focus on building better relationships between teens, police, and the community in Cambridge.

As the culmination of this season’s work they hosted “In My Shoes: Breaking Down Barriers Between Teens and Police in Cambridge,” an event at the Moore Youth Center on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012 at 6:30pm, in which young people and police reversed roles, giving them both the opportunity to see how they are perceived by each other.

The presentation was followed by dinner and a discussion, all of which was hosted and facilitated by NSP teens. The event was open to the public.

NSP is a community-based service-learning project and is a collaboration between the Office of Workforce Development and Cambridge Youth Programs, which are part of the City of Cambridge Department of Human Service Programs.

Emma Brazo and Melinda Maxwell are co-facilitating the group. Officer Michael Daniliuk and Officer Simon Valentin are working with us as representatives of the Cambridge Police Department.

(Video courtesy of WGBH Greater Boston).



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