CPD & Consumers’ Council Warn Residents about Predatory Businesses

Door-to-Door Solicitations Regarding Possible Energy Savings


The Cambridge Police Department, in collaboration with the City of Cambridge’s Consumers’ Council, would like to warn citizens about predatory businesses using door-to-door solicitation in Cambridge to promote energy savings via the delivery of energy to residents’ homes.

Several communities in Massachusetts have experienced the same type of activity, with salespeople going door-to-door to promote energy savings via their company. These encounters result in the resident, usually an elderly and/or environmentally conscious person, signing up for a service that promises energy savings by changing the way energy will be delivered to the home.

There is concern about the sales tactics being employed by some companies and whether they mislead potential customers, specifically relating to claims about their affiliation with energy providers. Upon signing up, most discover that they experience no savings in their energy costs, and that they may actually increase. Some contracts also contain an early cancellation fee that may not be disclosed prior to signing.

Cambridge Police and the Consumers’ Council would like to emphasize the risks involved with long term contracts resulting from door-to-door solicitations, and remind residents to always read the fine print and research the company before signing any contracts or service agreements.

Residents with questions or concerns are asked to call the Consumers’ Council at 617-349-6150.  Residents can also email any concerns to consumer@cambridgema.gov. For more information, visit the Consumers’ Council website at http://www.cambridgema.gov/consumercouncil.aspx.

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