ADVISORY: CPD Warns Residents about Potential Scam Involving Thieves Posing as Water Department Employees to Gain Entrance into Homes

Protect yourself and your property


A Huron Avenue resident reported that, around 4 p.m. on October 24, a male came to her front door and presented himself as someone from the Water Department who needed to check the water connections under her sink.  She let the male inside her home, he checked under the sick, and a short time later she discovered her wallet missing from her bedroom dresser.

Cambridge Police have not seen other recent reports of activity of this type, but surrounding communities have occasionally experienced similar scams dealing with people posing as utility workers, offering tree cutting services, etc.

With the possibility of a large storm affecting the area next week which could cause flooding, Cambridge Police are sending this advisory to remind residents to beware of possible scams where people may pose as water department employees stating they need to check if there is flooding in the basement.  These individuals typically target elderly residents.

Residents can protect themselves by always demanding to see proper identification before allowing any unknown person inside their home.  If the person cannot produce identification, do not let them in.

If residents experience this type of activity, they are encouraged to report it to the Cambridge Police Department immediately by calling 617-349-3300.

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