Storm Information Advisory and Tips

City shares information to help residents prepare


Current forecasts predict that Cambridge may be impacted by strong winds and heavy rain beginning early next week.

To receive alerts about this storm and other emergency events affecting the City, sign up for the Cambridge Alert Network.

This storm has the potential to cause flooding as well as downed trees and power lines. Take the proper precautions to ensure that basements are free of valuables which may be damaged in the event that flooding occurs.

Residents and businesses are encouraged to make sure leaves and debris are removed from the top of storm drains near their property to reduce the chance of flooding. City crews will also be clearing drains throughout the city. Residents and businesses are also encouraged to secure all outdoor furniture and barrels, bringing items inside for the duration of the storm, where possible, to minimize damage caused by flying debris.

The city encourages all residents to prepare for the storm by having nonperishable food, bottled water, flashlights and first aid kits available.

Hurricane Preparedness Tips for the General Public:

· Stay informed by monitoring the storm via the media.

· Be sure to have a well-stocked Family Disaster Kit in the event you lose power or are isolated for a number of days.

· Clear clogged rain gutters. This storm brings the potential for torrential rain. Providing clear drainage will help prevent misdirected

· Secure outdoor items such as lawn furniture, trash barrels, hanging plants, toys and awnings that can be broken or picked up by
strong winds and potentially become a projectile.

· Elevate articles in your basement that could be damaged from even minor flooding.

· Keep your vehicles fully fuelled.

· Have a certain amount of cash available. If power is lost, ATMs may not be working.

Additional Online Resources:

Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency,
Hurricane preparedness tips and other preparedness information are available through the “Hurricane” link on MEMA’s homepage.

MEMA's Facebook page:

MEMA Twitter: @MassEMA

Federal Emergency Management Agency,

National Hurricane Center website,

National Weather Service/Taunton,


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