Respected Cambridge Police Lieutenant Retires After 38 Years

Lieutenant Timothy Hogan served the City of Cambridge for nearly four decades


After 38 years with the force, Lieutenant Timothy Hogan officially retired from the Cambridge Police Department on Monday, January 7, 2013.

In a room full of colleagues, family, and friends, Lieutenant Hogan gave his final Roll Call briefing on December 20, 2012 where Commissioner Robert C. Haas and others shared their praise for the respected member of the CPD family.  Lt. Hogan

“He’s a rock in this place,” said Commissioner Haas, “I respect him very deeply.”

Mrs. Mary Hogan, Lt. Hogan’s wife, spoke about her husband’s career, saying, “This guy loved the job from the very first day.” 

Noting that before he joined the department in 1974 he was struck with a grenade in Vietnam, Mrs. Hogan said, “They told him he’d never use his arm again, but the chief agreed to let him take the physical exam and Tim said, ‘If you let me take it, you won’t be disappointed.’” 

Receiving several standing ovations from his current and former colleagues, Lieutenant Hogan praised them, remarking, “This is probably the best department in Massachusetts, and I truly believe that.  There’s so much talent and we’re so ahead of the curve.”

The Cambridge Police Department would like to thank Lieutenant Timothy Hogan for his years of service to this department and the community and wish him the best in his retirement!

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