Cambridge Police Promote Two New Sergeants

Officers William Bates and Jonathan Cameron promoted to the rank of Patrol Sergeant


The Cambridge Police Department held a promotion ceremony at the Robert W. Healy Public Safety Facility on the morning of April 8, 2013 to promote two officers to the supervisory rank of Patrol Sergeant.

City Manager Robert W. Healy, Deputy City Manager Richard Rossi, City Councillor Craig Kelley, Cambridge Fire Chief Gerald Reardon, and Cambridge Police Commissioner Robert C. Haas joined his Command Staff, city dignitaries, family members, and friends at the ceremony to honor the officers and congratulate them on their promotions.

“When you put on the stripes of a sergeant, you are moving into a different position in your life,” said City Councillor Craig Kelley.  “It poses challenges…and opportunities.”

City Manager Robert W. Healy addressed the promotees, saying, “I look forward to you both doing a great job representing the City.  Congratulations, good luck, and best of health.”

“You have to be active and forward-thinking,” said Commissioner Robert C. Haas.  “You are no longer just thinking about yourselves, but about the officers who report to you and the community at large.”

Bates and Cameron then recited their oaths of office to Interim City Clerk Donna P. Lopez before receiving their badges from Commissioner Haas.

More pictures from the ceremony can be found on the Cambridge Police Facebook page at

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