Cambridge Announces Online Towed Vehicle Lookup

Residents can search to see if their car has been towed via online form


Tow truckWith street cleaning beginning again in Cambridge on April 1, the City has announced a new online service which allows residents to visit a website and determine if their vehicle has been towed.

“We are excited to offer this new service to our community,” said Paula Snow, Chief of Operations for the Cambridge Emergency Communications Department.  “Instead of frantically calling police, public works, or tow companies, residents can now find out where their vehicle is in seconds by pulling up the website on their computer, tablet, or mobile phone.”

By visiting, residents simply need to enter their license plate number or the make/model of their vehicle and click “Search.”  If their vehicle has been towed, a results page will appear with the date the car was towed, the location where it was towed from, and which company towed the vehicle.

Residents can access the contact information for the appropriate tow company on the page so that they may contact them to understand the costs, accepted methods of payment, and directions to retrieve their vehicle.  If a resident is unable to locate their vehicle using the form, they may still contact the Cambridge Police Department at 617-349-3300.

This new service was developed by the Cambridge Emergency Communications Department in conjunction with the Cambridge Information Technology Department.

All streets swept by the City of Cambridge are posted with signs declaring the dates and times of street cleaning.  Check street sweeping district maps to see which streets are included in a particular district. Check schedules to avoid being ticketed and towed.  For more information on street cleaning, visit the Cambridge Department of Public Works website.

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