Historic Cambridge Exhibitions

The Cambridge Public Library at 449 Broadway has two small exhibition cases dedicated to showcasing original artifacts, books, manuscripts, and unique materials from the Cambridge Room, the Library’s Archives and Special Collections.

The Charles F. Walcott Archaeological Collection

Arrow headExhibition Location: Entrance and 2nd Floor, Glass Building

Cambridge native Charles F. Walcott (1904-1989) spent his days as a physician at Mount Auburn Hospital. In his spare time, Dr. Walcott had two passions: birding and archaeology. As a member of the Massachusetts Archeology Society, he spent years discovering and collecting flint stone pieces. He was particularly fond of inspecting newly plowed fields in Concord, Massachusetts for Native American arrowheads. He also searched the banks of Fresh Pond for archaeological finds.

Dr. Walcott donated his archaeological collection to the Cambridge Public Library some time in the late 1970s and early 1980s. These items were on display for a time at the library’s former Observatory Hill Branch on Huron Avenue.

Photo captionNative American Arrowhead, made of Cambridge slate or Argillite, found at Fresh Pond by Charles Walcott, 1966 from the Charles F. Walcott Archaeological Collection.

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