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November 2014 - “Cuban Moments: 50 Years after the Revolution,” photographs by Kerri Schmidt

Kerri Schmidt is a Boston-based multimedia artist whose work documents conversations with the world though photography, site-specific ephemeral sculpture, and playful multi-media small works. Kerri is interested in the use of space to engage with art in non-traditional ways, create a sense of community, and kindle a connection with our innate sense of wonder about the world.

Artist Statement

In 2011 I traveled to Cuba in order to obtain a better understanding of the country and its people. I was fortunate to visit many cultural and social institutions and meet many Cuban citizens.

Despite paralyzing sanctions from the United States, Cuba has gained global recognition for its achievements in education, environmental stewardship and universal health care. Recent changes in Cuba are strengthening an international call to end these punishing sanctions.

I believe the solutions to the vast global problems we face will be realized by connecting, understanding and working with each other. Our similarities are much greater than our differences and there are valuable lessons to be learned from Cuba’s achievements.

It is my rich historical, cultural and political journey to Cuba that inspired me to share my experience through photography in an attempt to encourage others to learn more about Cuba, its people, and their history.

The Cuban people deserve the freedom and global resources to make changes they feel are best for their country. I ask us to do our part by ending sanctions against Cuba.

CSQ art

CSQ art

CSQ art




Calling All Artists!

Looking for a place to exhibit your art? The "On the Wall Gallery" at the Central Square Branch Library affords artists, photographers, art associations, and civic groups an opportunity to show their work. The fact that it stimulates cultural awareness of the community and encourages greater use of the library’s collections and facilities is an added bonus!

Exhibits are generally planned on a monthly basis and are to be hung by the exhibitors using appropriate hardware provided by the library. Suitable works for hanging include 2-dimensional works: paintings, drawings, graphic work, photographs, tapestries, fabric art, needle arts, etc. The space is 10'x10'.

If you’re interested in showing your work, please come to the Central Square Library or call (617) 349-4444.

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