Talking to your Child

Emergencies present a scary situation for children and they may not know what to do. Below you will find some tips on how to teach your child how to use and when to use the 911 system. When talking with your child, stress the importance of 911 and make sure they understand that it is serious, but do not scare them.

Teach kids what 911 is for

Some children may have heard about 911 from school, television, or friends, but may not understand what it is used for. Children may not be sure what a real emergency is. Remind children to dial 911 when they need help to save a life, stop a crime or report a fire. Inform your child that if they are ever lost and feel that they are not safe, to pick up a phone and dial 911 and they will be helped.

The best time to prepare for an emergency is now!!  Don't wait until one happens!

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