Children FAQ Page

Some common questions and answers for parents and children

What can we do as parents?

The most important thing you can do is to talk with your child about 911 and when they should call.  Tell your child that if they ever have to call 911 there will be a person on the other end who is going to help them. Make sure your child understands that they can trust any police officer, fire fighter or anyone who answers a 911 call.

Practice with your children. Use a fake phone or unplugged phone and have your children call "911." Play the role of the dispatcher and ask questions of your child, like: "What is the location of the emergency?" "What number are you calling from?" "What are your parent's names?".

Make sure children understand that they should leave the building if there is a fire. Have them practice crawling from their beds out of the house - in two ways! There should always be two escape routes. Test your fire alarm monthly and let your child hear it. Help your child to learn to think calmly and react intelligently despite the noise.

What about the babysitter?

When there are no adults at home, every child or babysitter should have the following information posted by the phone:

  • A list of emergency numbers
  • Your home phone number and the address
  • Any other contact information (pager numbers, cell phone numbers, neighbors numbers).
  • Medications and allergies.

Also make sure that your babysitter is comfortable in the house. Give them a tour the first time they are over, and include front and back doors and potential hazards.

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